Abstract Photography

When looking at abstract photographs the first thought one have is "what is that?". Abstract photography is about trying to make sense about the pictures which seem to be kind of surreal. In Lyle Rexer's book "The Edge of Vision - The Rise of Abstraction in Photography", abstract photography is explained as pictures about the…Read more Abstract Photography


Photography Project: Shooting

My project for my Contemporary Photography course is simple and arose from a coincidence. First of all, my topic is categorized as documentary photography. I am merely an observer and make a portrait of something or someone. To document an action, a transformation was my first idea. My first chance for a shooting was on…Read more Photography Project: Shooting

Documentary Modes (Nichols) Pt.2: “How Mr and Mrs Gock Saved the Kumara” from Loading Docs

Last time, I wrote about Nichols's was when I analysed "Birth of a Book" by Glen Milner in this post here. Now I want to analyse the following video in relation to Nichols's documentary mode and what is the problem with it. How Mr and Mrs Gock Saved the Kumara from Loading Docs on Vimeo.…Read more Documentary Modes (Nichols) Pt.2: “How Mr and Mrs Gock Saved the Kumara” from Loading Docs

Documentary Photographers

I was never quite sure what kind of photographs I really like the most until I began shooting for my own project. I loved being in the role of the observer and to document those moments with my camera. Everything in front of me was real, people were real, their surroundings were real, or the…Read more Documentary Photographers

Vernacular Photography – Images of Everyday Life

For those who never heard of vernacular photography before, vernacular is latin for 'domestic, native' and in photography it is taking pictures from the everyday life. It can be anything you see in your environment. It can be domestic moments in your life. It means catching something that you can see always everywhere but make it special then. These…Read more Vernacular Photography – Images of Everyday Life

About Eamonn McCabe

Eamonn McCabe is a famous freelance photographer who works for national titles like the Guardian. He won many prices like the Sports Photographer of the Year and that a record of four times, in 1985 he was the News Photographer of the Year. Nowadays he appears regularly on TV or radio to talk about photography…Read more About Eamonn McCabe

“Unexposed Exposures” – Andy Warhol’s Life as a Photographer

Most people know Andy Warhol as the "inventor" of Pop-Art and his more known works are his paintings. Nevertheless, Andy Warhol was more than that. His passion applied to photography either. Unfortunately, most of Warhol's picture were never shown to the publicity, only one gallery has displayed his pictures in 1987, the same year he died.…Read more “Unexposed Exposures” – Andy Warhol’s Life as a Photographer