My project for my Contemporary Photography course is simple and arose from a coincidence. First of all, my topic is categorized as documentary photography. I am merely an observer and make a portrait of something or someone. To document an action, a transformation was my first idea. My first chance for a shooting was on Halloween where I photographed my friends doing their spectacular Halloween make-up. They looked stunning at the end but the pictures I took from their preparations are beautiful.

Due to little to no time I had no chance to take more pictures like that and thought about expanding my horizon. I transferred the topic of transformation on cooking and photographed how to cook a taco. And that was how my actual topic was born:
I took many pictures of the carrot. More specifically, I took many pictures of how the carrot was chopped into slices and those are actually good looking pictures for a first try without really thinking about it.

And that is how my photography project is about “Chopping a carrot”. The shooting went on Friday in a photography studio with flash lights and a dark background. The carrots were prettied up, a few leaves to look more healthy and the food photography could start. It was actually a lot of fun.
I used the Canon 5D Mark II with a 50mm lens. Two flash lights from both sides lighted up the studio together with the daylight from the window for a more natural lighting. Then the shooting started. My “carrot chopper” just began chopping like they were used to it, no instruction. I just took the pictures went around, tried all angles and just took the pictures.

At the end of the day came the disappointment. Half the pictures were not transferred onto the computer and the SD Card was just borrowed and no way to get it back. No one knows why the pictures are missing since we copied every one of them from the card. Though I was lucky since there are enough good pictures that I can show, those are probably not the best of the best and the satisfaction from the good shooting did not return.

Lesson learned for today: Search for your pictures on the whole card and look immediately after copying them if every single one of them is there otherwise you will be disappointed afterwards. Better safe than sorry.


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