Most people know Andy Warhol as the “inventor” of Pop-Art and his more known works are his paintings. Nevertheless, Andy Warhol was more than that. His passion applied to photography either.

Unfortunately, most of Warhol’s picture were never shown to the publicity, only one gallery has displayed his pictures in 1987, the same year he died. Nowadays, more and more pictures become public. The New York Design Center displayed Warhol’s images in 2013 and divided his photographs into three themes: Warhol’s social life in black and white 35mm, his Polaroid portraits and his personal life. This pictures give a glimpse into Warhol’s life like people have never seen before because Warhol was very cautious with what he exposed to the publicity and what not.

In “Unexposed Exposures”, a book by Andy Warhol and Bob Colacello, many photographs taken by Warhol and Colacello (unfortunately it is not written under them who took which photo) are shown for the first time. And it was this book where I learned about the Photographer Warhol.

Colacello edited the book and tells in his foreword Warhol’s story as photographer and about their pictures.
For Warhol, photography was a form of art and it presented the reality in an unabashed way, like Warhol liked his pictures. His passion with photography began with his collection of autographs from famous Hollywood stars in his early teenager years. It was not until 1976 where Warhol began excessively photographing everything and everyone. He took thirty-six 35mm still photographs per day but never published them. Warhol wanted to save them for limited editions or books like the “Unexposed Exposures”.

Warhol’s pictures convey a paparazzi like feeling, they have an extremely high contrast, are rough edged and look like they were made as fast, easy and cheap pictures – and that is what makes them so different.
Colacello explained that it is difficult to publish when one has a commercial publisher who influences the choice of pictures, so Warhol and Colacello decided to make this book with their unpublished images.
Who wants to enjoy Warhol’s picture in which we can see Warhol in an intimate, funny and also insecure way, should get a look into this book and into his photographs.


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